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The Raising Arizona Preschool Philosophy: 

 We consider it our great privilege to teach the children of America.  Children in every sense are our future.  Our preschool in Glendale Arizona is built to inspire and develop future leaders.  We try each and every day to inspire wonder and thought, not through vain repetition, but through curiosity, play, and experimentation. 

We believe, learning is not about filling an empty vessel, but about kindling a fire within a young mind.  We believe that children do not care what you know, until they know that you care about them, so each day starts with developing a caring relationship with your child.


Why are we Different than your Typical Day Care?

Our Teachers Love Kids!  They actually want to be here!  In fact most of them LOVE to be here!  We love your children.  

We understand that children don’t care what you know until they know that you care about them.

We believe that Kids are Kids, they learn mostly through play and don’t like to feel left out or put down when they don’t understand.

We foster vivid imaginations, creativity, and magic using age-appropriate, theme based discussion and debate.

We claim that all kids are basically good, that a child labeled as “bad” will eventually act “bad”, so we admire & praise the good behavior and ignore the rest… 

We believe that nothing is more damaging to your child's education than boredom. Please click here for more information about our Glendale AZ Preschool's curriculum.


Raising Arizona Preschool Programs

  • Ones
  • Bengindergarten (Pre-K)
  • Twos
  • School Age
  • Threes/Fours
  • Summer Camp

Glendale AZ Child Care


Raising Arizona Preschool is a Glendale preschool and day care located on the border of Glendale and Phoenix, AZ.